Saturday, August 1, 2009

We just went through a case of this flu after President Obama visited Mexico. It was concluded that the media was over exaggerating the "pandemic scare". The cases were mild and few, as we know the flu to be, so this step up for mandatory vaccinations that has not been fully tested is outrageous, an attack on humanity, as many other countries are becomming involved. Charges have been filed that this is a planned event for population reduction, not that the flu will kill people, but that the vaccination will. It seems Orwellian, scifi, but it is true. We have been warned not to take the vaccination! Liberty, Freedom to choose is ours. Be informed, don't just assume your government has your welfare at heart. You do!

The flu lasts only a day and a half longer without the vaccination, and the vaccination is reported to have possible lethal side effects. Is it worth the risk? Value your life.

Some report that this military mass mandatory vaccination program will start in October, 2009.

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Our kids are not guinea pigs!