Thursday, August 6, 2009

UNITED STATES is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions

30 Little Known Facts about America

Who Owns America's Wealth?

A definition you should know, BUT MOST AMERICANS DO NOT.

The UNITED STATES/United States is a corporation. Our government was set up as a corporation with the Act of 1871, at a time when our government was ending the civil war (both sides funded by the elite) that put our country united states of America in financial trouble. The financal elites came in as the "Savior" and their ploy of problem creator/savior has been working ever since.

Constitution for the UNITED STATES, a corporation.

In contrast, our constitution: Contitution of the united states of America. Our government was set up and we called it America.

US CODE 15 (A)(B)(C)

"UNITED STATES" means --
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

"Congress is fully aware of this deception. So it's time that you, too, become aware of the deception. What this great deception means is that the members of Congress do NOT work for us, for you and me. They work for the Corporation, for the UNITED STATES. No wonder we can't get them to do anything on our behalf, or meet or demands, or answer our questions."

"There are no accidents, no coincidences. Face the facts and confront the truth. Remember, you are presumed to know the law. THEY know you don't know the law or, for that matter, your history. Why? Because no concerted effort was ever made to teach or otherwise inform you. As a Sovereign, you are entitled to full disclosure of all facts. As a slave, you are entitled to nothing other than what the corporation decides to 'give' you.

"Remember also that 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse.' It's your responsibility and obligation to learn the law and know how it applies to you. No wonder the corporation counted on the fact that most people are too indifferent, unconcerned, distracted, or lazy to learn what they need to know to survive within the system. We have been conditioned to let the government do our thinking for us. Now's the time to turn that around if we intend to help save our Republic and ourselves -- before it's too late."

Thanks to Lisa Giuliani for much of the above.

the united state of America is our country.
The UNITED STATES is a corporation, owned by the elite bankers. (since the Act of 1871)

Illuminati News


Who profits - for example - from the 'private, for-profit, corporate CIA' or the 'private, for-profit, corporate IRS' or the 'private, for-profit Social Security' - that those in charge are now telling us is 'broke.'

Who is on the board of directors of 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.'?

Ask anyone you know if they are aware of this. Call your congressman's office and ask them. Why doesn't anyone know? Why isn't this casually mentioned in the news? 'The Board of Directors of the United States of America, Inc., today ruled........' 'The Board of Directors of the Social Security........'

'Today, the Central Intelligence Authority filed as a private for-profit corporation.' Why do those in charge never mention this? Why, searching on any search engine, doesn't this information come up?

Because we're being lied to. Ever wonder why those who fight the IRS are not allowed to bring up their Constitutional Rights in tax court? Constitutional Rights do not apply in an equity court, a court of maritime law that MUST display a gold fringed flag. Contract law supersedes individual and Constitutional Rights. Corporate law is a totally different animal from common law. Ask any corporate attorney.

The Republic has been shoved aside for the Demo-cracy.


Kennedy-end FED, Exec order 011111
Pakistan leader - bin laden, war excuse elminated, so she was
Lincoln-end FED

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Library of Congress
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