Sunday, August 2, 2009

Medical Meltdown

The truth of a universal health care system from a state (Massachusetts) that already is doing it!
Problems explained. High costs above what they estimated. Sounds like failure on the horizon to me, planned failure. Sounds like the one that is being discussed now for the nation.

Glenn Beck, Medical Meltdown

A Public health insurance option will put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to a single-payer system.

The Obamacare Government-controlled Health Exchange Plan

Glenn Beck - Medical Meltdown, The Long Term Goal - To Bankrupt the Insurance Companies

...very telling that congress does not want to be in this public option themselves. The next step to single-payer is worse, no choice at all.

Glenn Beck: Government Health Insurance Chart, Immigrants & Eugenics
Great explanation of why the O plan will never reduce health care costs.

We don't need health care insurance, a middleman, an additional health care expense. What we need is just ourselves and our doctors. We reduce health care costs without insruance companies.

The O plan will never reduce costs. It simply can't. The structure is enormous and adds a need for additional taxes to pay for allthose additional governmetn agencies, 31 of them! Big government, they get more, we always get less, and we always end up paying more.

Enjoy Glenn Beck's Rant. I think he speaks for a lot of us!
To Those Who Say Obama is Stupid