Sunday, August 2, 2009

Glenn Beck - Mexico - Global Warming - Economy

Mexico will cause the collapse of America!!!

Warns of the collapse of Mexico, and then he cries for a lost woman

Al Gore is leading us down the path of Hitler Youth
Not good to divide the family. Our families are our own to raise, not Al Gore's! Subtle implication that adults are ignorant. Got news for him, Al Gore is old.

Christopher Horner Interview - Red Hot Lies
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Global Warming greatest scam in history

Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming Fraud/ John Coleman
has tried other means to have an honest debate so the truth can come out and Al Gore refuses, so John Coleman wants to pursue a law suit to bring out the truth. Global Warming is a huge global scam to accomplish something else....more money from us! UN is involved in the un-truth. A lie that can ensure an income stream.

John Coleman slams global warming - Founder of the Weather Channel
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The Lies of Global Warming Part I :: Part IV

Ron Paul Talks with Glenn Beck About the Economy