Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swine Flu - What I believe

Sir James Goldsmith on Corporate Agriculture

"And we are doing this for economic dogma?…What is this nonsense? Everything is based in our modern society on improving an economic index…The result is that we are destroying the stability of our societies, because we are worshiping the wrong god… Economic index.

The economy, like everything else, is a tool which should be submitted to, should be subject to, the true and fundamental requirements of society.

…This is the establishment against the rest of society… I am for business, so long as it does not devour society…[But] we have a conflict of interest. Big business loves having access to an unlimited supply of give away labor…

…You cannot enrich a country by destroying the health of its population. The health of a society cannot be measured by corporate profitability…

…We have allowed the instruments that are supposed to serve us to become our masters."

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