Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Use Your Own Mind, or "they" will

Ever increasing use of manufactured “crisis” to control the masses. Make them afraid of something, put fear into them, and the masses of sheeple will drop their opposition and responsibility and look for a leader…that allows the government to do whatever it wants (in the name of Saving You). Put a smiling face in front of the people, a smooth, eloquent talker who appears to be thoughtful and sincere, with a pretense of being a caring individual you can trust, who puts hope in your heart…and there you have it, CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE’S MINDS…so “they” can have their way with the plans for the world, for the NWO.

Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t contribute to it. Use and protect your own minds. Be creative. Motivate people through honest to goodness love and care. Be sincere, honest and consistent. Ron Paul is a great example of the above. Be informed via the internet. Mainstream media has been bought, it’s toast.

To manufacture crisis after crisis is on the to-do list of the Bilderberg Group, so we will view the government as our Savior. THEY ARE NOT ALL THAT! They are the cause of what ails America, the corruption, they are the sickness, the terrorists. Remember the saying of when pointing the finger at another (nation), there are 3 fingers pointing back to you(what’s going on in America). We will see it and hear this theme song time and again, like a broken record. Don’t let it disturb you, only use it to inform you that the Natzi idiots are getting ready to pull off another heist. They follow a distinct pattern. Noticed? Do you know how you can tell when they are telling a lie? Their lips are moving.

As long as everyone plays the part they want them to play in their world game, for those who are not alert and awake yet, the game goes on in their favor. But if you interrupt their game, use your own mind, get control of yourself, do something they don’t expect, then the game changes. They feed off of the money WE make. They are busy creating streams of income directly from the American people to them to make you and our country poorer. Can you hear that sucking sound? They will keep taking until they get down to the lint at the bottom of your pocket. Greed. Good ol’ American Greed. Foreclosed homes, home loans, car sales, green products, health insurance, educational system, insurance companies, …what else have they bought up for income purposes? oh, inflation, hyperinflation, taxes, cap and trade, oil, war….on and on.

This is the game theme of the Bilderberg Group and elite bankers which permeate our media, financial and political systems, military too. I look forward to the day when the masses stand up to them and say, no! Not my country, not in America! not Anywhere!