Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccinations - Alarming News

President Obama's Statement at Russian Press Conference
Obama said Russian President has agreed to utilize the H1N1 vaccination program.
Slide the video to the point at 5:00 to hear this portion of his speech without having to listen to the whole thing. (New memorandum of understanding on health)

World Health Organization moves forward in secrecy
to accomplish forced vaccinations and population agenda

July 21, 2009
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"An investigation into this international corporate crime syndicate has to be conducted in every country because it has its tentacles in every country, and to try to initiate this in the USA, I filed charges with the FBI against WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN among other defendents in June. I included President Obama among the defendants because I believe the time has come identify and isolate the core members of this international corporate criminal group which has annexed high government office in the USA, and put them in prison once and for all, and there are reports that Obama has direct financial links with Baxter that need to be investigated by law enforcement."

Overuse of Vaccines, Anti-Flu Drigs May Result in Human Calamity

"There is a cozy relationship here where the World Health Organization prematurely declares a pandemic which coerces more than 80 governments to purchase flu vaccines and then public health authorities invoke mandatory flu vaccination programs for school children and become the free sales agents for the vaccine makers. The vaccine makers then funnel profits back to the politicians in the form of political contributions which are veiled kickbacks."

Criminal Charges
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I urge you to please listen to her audios on
Jane Burgermeister 5 Part Interview

Have colidal silver, face masks on hand.