Friday, July 24, 2009

Ron Paul on Live

Talks about the FED and the resistence of the FED against the proposed bill 1207 to audit them.

Further talks of how our elections are altered by the FED.

How the FED prints money and gives money to foreign countries.

The FED is operating as a congress in themselves.

How the FED is responsible for creating recession, depressions, inflation, deflation and maniuplating the system that we all are led into to endure. How this steels our wealth, the rewards from our hard work, not theirs! Our founding fathers never intened that we should work for the FED, the elite bankers.

Governments cause the troubles in our health care and drive up prices. Why would we want to give them more power to do so.

Free people can solve problems. We need less government involved.

It will be prooven that economic planning, inflationism and central banks are a failure.

The Free Market is alive and well.