Monday, July 13, 2009

"Through the clever use of language the government promotes the fraud.

After over 12 years of intense research of the Law, asking everyone in government including the IRS to produce a law that requires us to file and pay the federal income tax, many filings of requests under the Freedom of Information Act, and actually having brought suit against the IRS, we can assure you that there is no such law. It is our conclusion that the 65 million Americans that have stopped filing and paying the fraud known as the income tax are the last remnant of real Americans, brave to the core. It is also my conclusion based upon all these years of study that every person (no slip) that files and pays the federal income tax on April 15th does so only out of the paralyzing fear of a terrorist organization known as the Internal Revenue Service."

"Not Created by CongressThe Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the alleged Internal Revenue Service were not created by Congress. These are not organizations or agencies of the Department of the Treasury or of the United States government. They appear to be operated through pure trusts administered by the Secretary of the Treasury (the Trustee). The Settler of the trusts and the Beneficiary or Beneficiaries are unknown."