Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Health Care

It has been interesting to watch the health care team of politicians try to perfect a bill, the government’s offering of health care insurance. They have proven they are not good with anything financial, not to mention CARE. It’s not even their area of expertise — they are not actuaries or health care providers! This process they are going through has been telling.

I’m so glad there are politicians who are bright and oppose the attempts they (mostly democrats) are making to put forth another government program in the same manner they did medicare and medicaid — programs that are doomed and insolvent from the get go. One republican pointed out that it is a “bate and switch plan” — to have an annual review of the plan’s solvency, increase premiums (most likely an increase) and adjust the items insurance would cover (most likely less coverage).

If we are not lowering the actual cost of medicine, procedures, visits, etc., then there will be no lowering of “costs”, just more increases in insurance premiums for less coverage. It’s not the prevmiums of health insurance we want lowered so much as what drives the premiums up…the actually costs of care! It will do the same to a government run program. There are so many drug lobbyists in bed with politicians, the gov. couldn’t possibly have our best interests at heart. We could do without insurance if the health care was administered in an affordable way.

We do not need to have health insurance associated with our jobs. We have car insurance don’t we? We pay a monthly premium just in case we get into an accident. No job or government involved! This way, if we lose or change jobs, the insurance is not interrupted. I’ve gone through layoffs and job changes and not skipped a car insurance payment, but my health insurance was gone when the job ended. Cobra is a joke, who can afford it. We have to think in new ways, challenge the way it has always been done, avoid going down the road the government wants us to go like sheeple. Right now it’s too corrupt to depend on for anything, especially our health, as long as the FED, CFR, Bilderberg Group (to name a few) are alive and well.

Insurance…Another racket/scam on the American people who were hopeful that our government could finally step up to the plate and actually do something good for us, considering all the money they take out of our pockets! They have gotten so used to figuring out ways to “take” rather than “give”.

It’s amazing how the government jumps to hand over billions of dollars (borrowed money, that we don’t even really have because the kids have not yet been born who will pay) to defunk companies, poorly ran companies, (all obligating future generations to a lifetime of more debt, lower standards of living) but they have such a hard time doing likewise to help the rest of the American population. …and the money is generated by us in the first place!

Have you noticed that everything seems to be operating in the opposite direction? Everything logical is not the way it is. Why would we ever want to put our health in the hands of the government whose history has shown that they haven’t a clue on how to handle things financial !!

The only truly prosperous folks are the American people, not the politicians. From the work of our own hands, we generate the money that pays for their salaries. Do they earn it? I wouldn’t hire an employee who repeatedly ignored what I wanted them to do. They’d be fired!

I believe the government is only interested in gaining yet another income stream from the American people. When the goal is that, they are not sincerely interested in giving us anything worth our money to contribute to.

Yet, if this government plan is accepted, there will be a gradual decline in competing insurance companies, even more job losses because they will not be able to stay in business. Then we really will have no other options, which is one of the “promises” of this plan…that we would be able to stay with the health insurance plan we already have. But see how “they” work?

Obama answered a question in a townhall meeting saying we could not go to a single-payer system immediately because it would be too disruptive….but what he didn’t say is that it would eventually happen over time once the government’s health care plan was in effect(continual disruption over time with more job losses and failed competing businesses). The last thing we want to give the government is a monopoly and control over our health care!! That’s how they would work it to check another thing accomplished off their list for the NWO!!

We need to constantly find ways we can maintain control over our lives. Do not give the responsibility of our own lives over to the government. Do all the things we know we should do to maintain good health. Practice preventative medicine, so we don’t or rarely need it! And don’t give any more of our money over to feed the NWO monster!