Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Great American Bubble Machine - Rolling Stone Magazine

It's shocking to think that American greed has gotten this out of control, and our government is co-operating with it all.

Know who the bad guy is and how the financial heists are performed on the American People.

The "Green" investment companies and the CO2 emissions fines will create another commodity that will exploit Americans and take their money. The "Cap & Trade" bill passed. Read this article at the link so you know, and so you can tell others how these "bubbles and bursts" are being created and sucking the wealth out of Americans into the hands of the very wealthy bankers.

You know how Obama said we need to do something different than have these bubble and bursts, well the bill that just passed "Cap and Trade" will give us another bubble and burst, so Obama is not stopping anything that is hurting American's pockets. He's cooperating and profiting from it and so is Al Gore.