Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End of Small Farms? - Shelly Roche
HR 2749, HR 875, HR 759, NAIS & Monsanto
Criminalizing seed banking, placing easements on farmers land or fined, etc.

WARNING: Food Freedom Under Attack! HR 759 is in Committee and worse than HR 875
Shelly Roche

HR 875 Food Safety Moderization Act of 2009

Organic Farms and Gardens Destroyed by HR 875: The Food Safety Modernization Act.
Glenn Beck

Top 2 Ways you Help Monsanto Every Day (Without Knowing It)

Top Ways to Identify & Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (GMOS)

Bernanke is worried! S604 & HR1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve is Gaining Momentum FAST!

The Disastrous Effect of "Safety" Regs on Small toy Makers (& what this means for Small Farms)

What Battlestar Galactica Taught Me About Healthcare "Reform"

Career Suicide for Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade "Yes" Votes?
HR 2454 & HR 2998
This quick process seems to have become the way of the house, senate and executive branch of our government. But our government was designed to move slowly for a reason, so our congressmen and women have time to read the bills before voting and so the public has an opportunity to provide their input to their representatives before the vote is finalized. This attempt to move irresponsibly quickly is a tactic to override public opinion, what the people want.

The End of the Internet? Cybersecurity Act gives Obama power to shut down internet, ignore laws

S 773 Introduced April 2009

Shelly's IT Update - End the Fed - Help Wanted!