Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Consumer Financial Protection Agency

HR 3126

The FED is transferring personnel into the new agency Obama wants to create to "protect" consumers (financial products).

See, the government injected the bad loans under Bush, prompted the mass home buying for low income who would not otherwise afford to buy, but could because they lowered the qualifying standards, gave them taxpayer's money for down payments (who are our foreclosures of today), so the government can come out looking like the "Savior" again with the protection agency (that is meant to further control our financial banking system).

They use this same scenerio over and over again. Good guy, bad buy. Bush, bad buy, Obama, good guy....not!! neither are the good guys. The FED directs their every step...and we don't even elect them nor are they a federal or government agency! They are a private banking cartel.

Call Barney Frank, Chairman of the Financial Services Committee and demand that HR 1207 be put to final committee report. HR 1207 has 260 co-sponsors and needs to get to the floor of the House/Senate discussion and for voting into law so we can audit the FED.

Call (202) 225.5931