Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Living Without Money

We really have the FED to thank for all their hard work in making our dollar worthless. It’s so worthless, that we no longer need it!

After the dollar became worthless, I discovered there was a job I would rather spend my days doing versus the job I had been doing that simply paid the bills (barely). I go to work each day and I don’t receive a paycheck because I work for free now.

After work I’ll swing by the grocery store to pick up a few things, you know, milk, eggs, bread and butter, all free of charge!

I live in a home that was built for free (because it’s the job the carpenters just love to do). Because it was free, there is no mortgage, no interest payments, no bankers involved, no ARM and I can’t possibly be screwed out of my home!

I drive a new car these days. It was created by those ingenious folks who invented a car that runs on batteries. There was no loan on the car…our dollars absolutely worthless…so I got it for FREE!

The wars have stopped. Finally, peace at last. There was just “no money” in the sale of weapons and oil…everything is totally free. The financial elites have found something else to do with their time that is more productive and they too have real jobs…and they do them all for free! No paychecks...and along with that, no FICA, no Social Security, no medical, no deductions. Most of them didn't pay them anyway, but now the rest of us enjoy the same pleasure.

There was no need for the IRS any longer. It just was senseless to keep collecting dollars that were worthless anyway….and no one had any to give because we all work for free.

The politicians find they are coming to work less and less. We found that we have enough laws on the books to cover everything we need. In fact, we got rid of quite a few that were rendered totally unnecessary due to our worthless dollars.

Other countries around the world saw and heard how well we were doing without money, so they also go to work for free. We exchange our products and services freely to those who need and use them.

I find that the only products and services that are available are top quality. With the ability to pick things up for free, we only use the highest quality of services only, the others are just discontinued and go out of business quickly so there is very little waste.

I will make an appointment to see my doctor next week. It’s just my annual visit. He really has my best interest at heart and takes good care of me, all for free. I rarely need to go to the doctor anymore. All that financial stress I was carrying around with me had been ruining my health, but that’s all gone now! I’m just getting healthier and happier. Oh, and there was no need for insurance companies any longer because there was just no profit it in anymore! I will always get the care I need and nothing will be cost prohibitive…because it’s all free now!

I’m taking a few college classes now and working on my MA. When the dollar became worthless, that opened up a lot more educational opportunities…college is free! The teachers teach because it is the job they love to do.

It truly is an even playing field now. There are no longer the have and the have nots. We all get paid the same…nothing! And it’s all free. We all just choose to do the right thing and make our contributions every day.

If you think this cannot be reality...you're still clinging to the "idea" of the dollar or gold. Why do you resist such a change in thought?

Why…because none of your economic education has any relevance anymore since the dollar has been made worthless and everything and everyone finally has the opportunity to live a free, peaceful and happy life? Think of all the crimes against humanity and households that are rooted in this idea of money. I’d say the masses would welcome such a world. It’s only those who are clinging to the idea of money or gold, the electronic blips on a cash machine, and their worthless financial investments that it has the importance that we have mistakenly placed on it, that we have all stupidly agreed and believed that we need it for the world to work as we truly desire, those folks will have a tough time adapting to the new way of living without it. Make the shift and imagine a world without it. Imagine the magnitude of freedom it will bring so we can live lives that contribute to and express our highest good.

We give an inordinate amount of power over our lives to people with money. What would happen if the tool they use to manipulate and control us, if money, is suddenly worthless? We use the excuse that we have money to lord it over others and make them deprived. We use the excuse that we don’t have money to inhibit the fulfillment of our needs and desires. It’s the love of money, the clinging to it that creates all the problems and perpetuates a world in constant turmoil. This love and need of money keeps us from doing what we would otherwise do that we would enjoy and know is the right thing to do.

Think of all the things we do and are done for money, that are destructive instead of constructive. Replacing it with something else, just shifts the same results to something else. Give freely, receive freely…pretty simple and uncomplicated.

I realize I might be a generation ahead of my time, but there is no time like the present to start adjusting to the new idea of living without a monetary exchange of some kind or another and instead living more true to our own true nature. How many times do we say we would rather not do something, but we do it for the money? How many times do we say we would like to do something, but we can't ...because of the lack of money? Without the idea of a monetary exchange, we would actually be free to not do and to do what we truly desire. The world, quite simply, would be a much better place. The authority and control over our own lives would return to ourselves and we would discover something quite magnificent about ourselves. We we are no longer being controlled by things or other people's agendas outside of ourselves, we truly control our own lives....justice, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness are ours. We simply have to let go of old thoughts and beliefs that are not working so well for us, to have what is.

And some day, hopefully sooner than later, we will have a totally free market...and not even have a financial exchange. We'll work for free and have all of our needs met. We will actually enjoy living without worry and financial stress. We will contribute like at no other time in recent history. I know it's difficult to believe, but there was a time when money did not exist. I'm not sure who even invented/imagined that the idea of money would work, but he was wrong. That idea has infiltrated our hearts and way of living to the point that it has made itself apparently destructive to all, even those who claim to have the power and control over it. No one is winning by maintaining this way of living. We need to free ourselves from the entrapment of a false belief in someone else's belief in money and that we even need to have a monetary exchange of any kind.

I would much rather live in a society and show up for work knowing that the janitor who has a family can meet his obligations to care for his family just as well as the Director or VP. We are each needed and we all have the same desires and needs. We love our families and children and want the best for them. I want that for everyone. It would be a nicer world to live in if everyone was doing great. No need for social services needed, no need for any of these bandaids to a system that simply does not work well for any of us.

"Your imagination is a preview of your coming attractions."
~Albert Einstein

See that it is true, then be careful about what you imagine, then collectively imagine the world we truly desire.