Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ron Paul Schools Ben Bernanke Yet Again 2-27-08

Reflect back to February 27, 2008 and think about our financial difficulties now!

Support and watch Ron Paul's HR 1207 bill, to demand an audit of the FED (a private corporation, not a government agency!

The FED uses the IRS to collect funds that the FED then uses. The FED has never been audited, so the American people have never really known what their money is spent on. There is no transparency and there never has been. Perhaps our hard earned money is spent on things we would morally, politically and totally disagree with. The United States, under the constitution and bill of rights, did not start out with a FED or an IRS. They only came to be in 1913, in exchange for presidential votes. Our freedom was sold out then and we have never really known the freedom of our forefathers. Research this in Zeitgeist, The Federal Reserve. The debt-based system. We have never really been financially free since. (Almost like our health care ( sick care) system.)

Ron Paul on the Free Market rather than the Federal Reserve.

The Alex Jones Show 2/3:Ron Paul Exposes Obama's Regulatory (Dictatorial-Powers) Fed Plan!

Sorry about the language, but it's obviously a very emotional topic for some Americans.