Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ron Paul on MSNBC talking about Obama's New Regulatory Reforms (6/18/09)

Listen to Ron Paul's comments
Ron Paul knows and bravely speaks the truth!
The FED created our financial problems!!
and now Obama wants to give them even more power and responsibility.
It seems his philosophy is to reward those who do wrong. No wonder America is going downhill. It came be otherwise with practices, policies and a philosophy such as this.

another financial collapse...according to Secretary Geithner (selling the president's overall financial overhaul plan)

When will Senators and the American people stand up and say we are not paying another penny for the mistakes of others!! We are going to be responsible and take care of ourselves and our families...and find a way to keep our hard earned paychecks! We are not in favor of supporting people who are determined to ruin America and the lives of Americans.