Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bush is such a liar! and Obama appears to be maintaining the lie

Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
Obama promised to bring the troops home in the first month of his term. Well? We're still waiting.

Today's numbers from Michael Moore's website:

US Military Deaths (Iraq): 4,316
US Military Wounded: 31,354
Iraqi Civilian Deaths: 151,000
'Excess' Iraqi Deaths: 655,000

The people who have died and have been wounded had nothing to whatsoever to do with 911. These people and families have paid for someone elses' mistake. It's time that those who were responsible paid for their own mistakes and lies to the American people and the world. It's time for our military to come home, from every other country, come back home to America. We've disturbed the world long enough.
Our own country is falling apart - economy, health care, education, housing, gas prices...
Americans are only interested in having a government that is working for us! It's the only reason politicians were voted in and hired. Your wages and paychecks are from our tax dollars. If you are no longer doing the job we asked you to do, then please, turn in your resignation ASAP. We'd gladly receive it!

3,000 Americans killed in 911. The Iraq war had nothing to do with 911. See the links to Zeitgeist the Movie.

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